I'm a 20 kid still trying to figure out life but here's one thing I know I'm gonna make it to NBA and I'm gonna get the girl of my dreams back.
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Damn… Why’d I have to go and fuck up so bad.

Damn you were the one that got away with my heart and I didn’t even know it till it was too late.. till you were gone everyday I think about you… You were my first love and I can proudly say that I’m still in love with you if you ever texted me Idk I think I would go insane but I know that would never happen know ever understood me like you did and I felt like I knew you like that back of my hand like how I would blow in your mouth when we kiss 💖💔 and how you had the best hands ever I swear you could’ve been a hand model. I hate reminiscing because it just makes me miss you that much more.. and my heart hurts and aches knowing I ducked up the best thing to ever happen me.

You had and still got me listening to the script.. Ik it’s lame… And secretly your one of the reasons why I love basketball so much because I think if I make it big I can actually show you that I’ve changed.. and maybe just maybe you’ll give me one more chance and maybe your sister would stop hating me too.. but I don’t blame her I was stupid childish and just plain an idiot! Well I’ll always love you even if you’ve moved on and forgot my name I’ll always remember yours and you’ll always have a place in my heart.

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